Hotter days ahead

According for the National Climate Assessment, we’re in big trouble. Their newest report is out, and we can expect temperatures across the country to rise two to four degrees over the next few decades, and three to five degrees by 2100. Less optimistic predictions say the temperature change will be more like five to 10 degrees higher by then. On top of that, we can expect more extreme weather along the east coast and more heat waves and droughts throughout the western states.

Of course, this all depends on emissions over the next few years. If we start tightening our fossil fuel belts, the outlook isn’t quite as grim, but we’d have to cut those emissions by something like 70 percent.

Otherwise we’ll be seeing more days over 100 degrees this summer:



And more heat-related deaths, something Chicago has unfortunately seen a lot of before…



The report also predicts we’ll have fewer hard frosts in the Midwest, more rain, and fewer cold events.


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