The lifelong self-experiment of Santorius Santorius

Throughout history, certain scientists have solved the moral dilemma of experimenting on animals by turning themselves into guinea pigs instead. While this might not be the safest or even the most effective method of gathering data, it’s definitely worthy of some praise.

That’s why Josh and Chuck over at Stuff You Should Know decided to dedicate one of their informational videos to two scientists, Santorius Santorius (whom they refer to as Santorio Santorio) and Friedrich Sertürner. Santorius² spent thirty years measuring and recording every bit of food and liquid that he consumed and all of his subsequent waste, which spurred the discovery of metabolism. Sertürner used himself and his friends to uncover the beneficial—and not so beneficial—properties of morphine.

Check out Josh and Chuck’s cartooned-out discussion, and if you decide to experiment on yourself, stick to the non-drug related experiments.


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