Because sometimes science is cute

Congratulations, you made it to the middle of the week! As a reward, you get to watch Mitik, the newest addition to the New York Aquarium.

Mitik is a 200-pound baby walrus a group of fishermen found stranded near Barrow, Alaska. He was rescued in July and is currently living at the Alaska Sea Life Center, getting ready for his trip across the country this spring. And he’s definitely a friendly little pinniped. The center has just released new videos of Mitik interacting with his keepers.

He’s also social with his pal at the center, Pakak. Pakak is also a juvenile, though he already weighs 300 lbs.

The New York Aquarium has two adult walruses, which Mitik will be joining. Walruses are extremely social animals, so Mitik should have no problem making friends.

He’s also a bit of an insurance policy for Kula, the younger of the two adults. Nuka is approaching old age, and Kula most likely wouldn’t do well in a solitary environment.

Martha Hiatt, the aquarium’s animal husbandry supervisor, spoke with the New York Times and gave Mitik a glowing review:

“If Mit is resting with his head on my lap, sucking my fingers, looking sweetly into my eyes, and Pak comes anywhere near us, he pops up, yells at Pak and tries to head-butt him,” she said. “Then he’ll turn to me and be all cuddly again. We say he is small, but scrappy — the perfect New Yorker.”

You can’t argue with sweet, scrappy, and absurdly cute.


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