Dragon makes another ISS run

Dragon capsule. Image: NASA

Dragon capsule. Image: NASA

SpaceX has all thrusters firing in its contract with NASA. On Friday, it made it’s third successful launch of the Dragon capsule to the International Space Station, ferrying supplies to astronauts aboard. It docked on Saturday after blasting off with SpaceX’s Falcon rocket. Among the supplies were fresh applies from an employee’s family orchard, a rare treat for someone who works in the Earth’s orbit.

Also in the capsule was research equipment, freeze-dried meals, clothing, computer parts and air-purifying machines. The capsule is expected to depart in about three weeks, crashing back down to the ocean with results from on-board experiments with a certain weed and mouse stem cells.

This is the third ferry run Dragon has made within the past year. The first was a trial run, and the latest two are the beginning of a 12-run contract with NASA. SpaceX hopes to open up the runs for human transportation; right now only Russia can transport astronauts back and forth from the ISS.


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