‘Super mega-pod’ of dolphins

The coast of San Diego got about 100,000 new visitors last week, though they won’t be checking out the famous zoo.

Capt. Joe Dutra of sightseeing company Hornblower Cruises and several tourists aboard his boat stumbled upon thousands of common dolphins in what Dutra called a “super mega- pod,” and yes, I’m pretty sure he made that name up. But that doesn’t make the pod any less impressive; Dutra followed the convening dolphins and measured the pod to be seven miles long and five miles wide.

While dolphins are highly social and tend to live in groups, those groups are typically composed of 200 or so individuals at most, not thousands. Local biologists’ best guess as to the reason for the massive gathering is a large amount of sardines and squid in the area, which are tasty meals for the dolphins.


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