How nerds say I love you

squidWhen I was a kid, I expressed my nerdy tendencies by painstakingly making my own valentines to hand out to friends (aside from a nature nerd I was also a Martha Stewart crafting nerd). You don’t have to put in any such effort; all you need is a printer.

The Museum of Science and Industry has put together their own collection of geeky valentines, riffing on seismology, Morse code and the number pi. My personal favorite rips off a Humphrey Bogart line, if you can guess which one. Each valentine also comes with a tidbit or two of scientific factoids, because what good is a scientific declaration of love if you don’t learn anything?

Check out the designs on MSI’s website. If you also happen to be a craft nerd like me you can mount them on pink recycled paper or add some glitter. Everyone loves glitter. Especially when it’s poorly glued and ends up on your carpet.


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