The everlasting eggstopper

If you ever celebrated Easter with an egg hunt, you’d expect those colorful plastic eggs to hold some kind of surprise. It could be some quarters, it could be a toy, maybe some candy, but you could never be sure until you popped it open. But if you’re cracking a real chicken egg, you’re pretty confident about what’s inside. That’s when Mother Nature can throw you for a loop.

A man who raises chickens in the United Kingdom got one such shock. Check it out:

Pretty freaky, right? Researchers at the National History Museum in the UK figured out what happened. Sometimes a chicken will experience “unusual contractions,” forcing the formed egg to travel back down the oviduct to the ovary. There, a forming egg surrounds it and the two come out as one, nesting doll-style.

This is different from the “double yolk” phenomenon, which is when a hen is ovulating too quickly and one yolk ends up squeezed in a shell with another. This occurrence is more common among young chickens, whose ovulating cycles are still a bit off.


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