Panda cub Xiao Liwu gets another exam, causes cuteness heart attacks worldwide

It only seems right to end the week leading up to Christmas with a really flippin’ adorable panda video, inciting the perfect holiday feeling of the warm n’ fuzzies. As usual, Xiao Liwu doesn’t disappoint.

The little guy got his 18th check-up at the San Diego Zoo. Since he gets more precocious with every exam, the vets and nutritionists need to find ways to entertain him while they take measurements, an activity he typically hates. They gave him a limb, a bamboo stick and two balls – he ignored everything except one of the balls, and proceeded to jealously guard his treasure. Words cannot describe the cuteness:

Xiao Liwu hasn’t had his official debut to the public yet; he still has some panda cub milestones to pass. The staff say he has to be able to climb the structures in the panda enclosure easily so he can follow mom Bai Yun where ever she goes, and so far he’s only shown a little bit of interest in climbing.

To that we can only say: God bless internet video.


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