What do Titan and a warm loaf of bread have in common?

The cracks on Titan are similar to those found on Venus near the Kunapipi Mons volcano.

“Hot cross bun” marks found on Saturn’s moon Titan may be there for very similar reasons as the cracks we find on top of baked bread.

NASA’s Cassini probe orbiting Saturn snapped some shots of Titan as it flew by, and produced the images. The cracks are a feature never before seen on Titan’s surface, though they are common in Utah’s Henry Mountains.

Researchers believe the cracks opened when hot magma tried to push though the surface of the planet, much the same way moisture pushes through hot bread in the oven.

Photos are also teaching researchers about the nature of liquid bodies on Titan. The moon has a group of hydrocarbon lakes in its northern hemisphere, which have stayed pretty much the same over the last six years. But one rainstorm in 2010 completely changed the appearance of its equator, leaving the region darker.



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