View from the rainforest floor

We don’t find much biodiversity around Chicago’s neighborhoods and parks, unless of course, you happen to stroll into Lincoln Park Zoo. But even the zoo can’t compare to the richness of species researchers are finding in Sumatra’s Leuser Rainforest.

To catch the forests’ most elusive residents, the Eyes of Leuser project set up HD cameras in the depths of the jungle, recording night and day, and the roster of animal cameos is astounding. The cameras captured amazing closeups of the binturong, the yellow-throated marten, the sun bear, a number of partridge and pheasant species, and a slice of a Sumatran elephant, its tree-trunk legs and trunk passing just in front lens.

Those are just a few of the species featured — check out Eyes on Leuser’s video below, complete with captions highlighting each drop-in guest.


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