Adler for adults

Science and the social scene don’t often mix, but every once in a while the planets align to make it happen.

Adler Planetarium is hosting Adler After Dark tonight at 6 p.m. – with a political bent. Underdog Pluto will be challenging incumbent Earth for the position of top planet in the solar system. If Pluto’s alien president Al Green (not that one) has anything to say about it, we could be seeing a party shift in the inter-planetary government.

Aside from the thematic fun, you get all the benefits of a trip to the Adler: shows and films in the Grainger Sky Theater and access to exhibits. But, you get to do it to the thumping pulse of a live DJ while drinking the Adler’s signature cocktail, Sunset on Pluto. And if you buy tickets in advance before noon today, you’ll save five dollars off the door price.

However, if you’re more interested in the learning than the cocktails, but still want a nocturnal visit, the planetarium is hosting a free event this Saturday for International Observe the Moon night. Stop by the museum between 7 and 10 p.m. to learn more about our natural satellite and get a closer look using Adler’s telescopes.

Photo: David Paul Ohmer/Flickr


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