Dear cilantro-haters: Yes, it actually is your fault

It’s been relatively common knowledge that your affinity/dislike for cilantro is determined by your genetic makeup. That is, until now.

Two studies came out this week about our taste buds and sense of smell, and how those are linked to our DNA. And while the studies found there is a gene that correlates to how we taste the herb, it doesn’t dictate whether we like to eat it or not. In other words, some people who are genetically predisposed to hate Big Star’s favorite taco topper will still report that they enjoy it.

This leaves hope for people who want to like cilantro (if such an ambition exists). Nature magazine suggests acquiring an affinity for it by making cilantro pesto — the recipe is at the bottom of the article — it cuts down on the “soapy” flavor that many cilantro haters claim to taste.

But if you’re determined to go on despising cilantro, you might want to brush up on your ancient Japanese poetry writing and contribute to this site.

Let’s give it a shot:

Oh, genetic code

Cilantro-phones blame you but,

That’s not the whole truth.

Brain of scientist, spirit of poet…

To read a bit more on the cilantro question check out today’s post on The Salt.

Photo: You As A Machine/Flickr

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